It’s time your life has meaning and purpose. I’m just the Goddess to give it to you. I’ve been owning males, dominating their cocks and wallets, since November 2007. That means I’ve perfected my art of manipulation for almost 10 years, I know exactly the training you need to mold you into the best bitch for me. Life under me is where true happiness lies.

Maybe this is your first time discovering me, or maybe you’ve been lurking for years, however long there is no better time to start worshiping than right now. I know you’re curious. I promise, the GJ Experience is one you will never forget. You’ll be surprised how quickly you lose control in my presence. Your every thought consumed by me. The addiction is real, your submission is expected. The seeds are planted.

Some of my favorite fetishes include;

Financial Domination. My appetite for the finer things in life is never ending. You place in life is to please me by sacrificing. Slaves do not deserve to live in luxury, instead they live to wrap me in luxuries. Your happiness will stem from mine. There’s nothing that excites me more than plucking those bills from your wallet. When you sacrifice and work hard to spoil me, that’s what turns me on. You know deep down I deserve it. Besides, unless you’re spoiling don’t EXIST to me!

Ass Worship. I’m not dubbed ‘GOD-A$$’ Jennifer for no reason. This big booty of doom easily crushes the willpower of any man. The perfect weapon of ass destruction. I’ve worked hard to build up this beautiful booty. These curves are bound to leave you weak.

Foot Fetish. I am literally perfect from head to toe. My amazing feet have been known to convert even the non-foot fetishist into one. My soft, sexy soles & cute little toes are too much for any man to resist. I love having my feet rubbed, and if you’re lucky kissed or sucked on.

Chastity & Orgasm Control. I firmly believe every slave behaves better once you lock up that cock and take control of how, if, and when they orgasm. Not only do I thoroughly enjoy owning that dick, but the fact that you have to sit to pee amuses me so much.

Humiliation. I love reminding you of your place at all times. You’re my little bitch and you’ll be treated as such. You love hearing me degrade and you reminding you of the inferior slave you are! You crave a dominant woman to put you in your place. You will always be a loser in my eyes!

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, I also enjoy Sissification, Cock & Ball Torture (CBT), Homewrecking, Jerk Off Instruction (JOI), Cum Eating Instruction (CEI), Forced Intoxication, Female Domination, Small Penis Humiliation (SPH), Cuckolding, and more.

I do NOT get nude, perform any acts of submission nor do I engage in race play.