The first thing you’re going to do for me while viewing my website, is get down on your knees. I want you to stay in this position for me the entire time you’re here. The first thing you need to learn is while in my presence, you will always be down on those knees. If this is your first time discovering who I am, expect your life to change from this day forward. I am Goddess Jennifer, owner, photographer/videographer, webmaster/designer, producer, editor, etc. etc. etc. of all things that go on here at RATEDP.NET. I have been manipulating men since I was born, and seducing weak submissive males into doing, saying, and giving me whatever I please since 2007.

I hope you left your ego and dignity at the door, because you won’t be needing either of those here. You will however be needing that wallet of yours. That’s the number one way in which you can please me. Slaves do not live in luxury, instead they live to wrap ME in luxuries!! Aside from financial domination I also enjoy the following fetishes: foot fetish, ass/body worship, tease & denial, chastity, spitting, cuckolding, and more. I am 100% non-nude, you will never see my lady bits. They are reserved for one lucky man’s eyes only — My husband!

So dope you can’t help but get addicted!

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